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PRIME WEALTH CARE is the outcome of years of cumulative expertise of the founders in the insurance industry. It is the brain child of a team of seasoned financial advisors and planners. We understand how overwhelming and confusing money matters can get. Most people fail because they fail to plan ahead in time. Prime wealth care was conceptualized out of this need to bring about a financial liberation and facilitate a more positive relationship with money.

At the heart of the organisation, lies a simple philosophy- “to assist individuals live financially planned lives so that they not only survive but THRIVE”. And with this goal in mind, Prime wealth care solutions offers a bouquet of customized services for life insurance, health insurance, Travel insurance and others. We operate out of fully established offices in prime locations across major cities of Gujarat.

We have forayed into the industry with the sole aim of being our client’s trusted financial advisors, so that they can manoeuvre through the various seen and unseen challenges. As an insurance company, we not only safeguard our client’s interests but also actively work towards meeting their personal investment needs. Our Business Associates do not offer solutions based on the relationships that they may share with the clients but on the basis of the client’s financial needs. Prime Wealth care Solutions, follows a highly systematic process, beginning from need assessment to final product selection.

We are equipped and committed to bringing financial joy and freedom in the lives of our clients through appropriate and timely solutions.

Why worry about finances, when you can work them out? Let’s show you how!


Life insurance

We offer a plethora of life insurance policies through the channel of LIFE CORPORATION OF INDIA (L.I.C). Our founding director is the member of the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table ( MDRT) , which speaks volumes about the credentials of Prime Wealth Care Solutions.

health insurance

Medical coverage is provided to the insured during healthcare emergencies.

Personal Accident insurance

Financial coverage against unforeseen events such as accidents causing bodily injury, permanent partial disability or permanent total disability and accidental death.

vehicle insurance

Financial coverage for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles in case of any mishaps.

travel insurance

Covers unexpected financial losses incurred while travelling internationally or domestically.

fire insurance

Provides additional coverage for loss or damage to a structure damaged or destroyed in a fire

Workmen Compensation insurance

Provides for payment of compensation to Employer on behalf of its employees in case of accidental injury to at workplace arising out of and in the course of employment and resulting in death or disablement.

House / Office insurance

Provides coverage to the policyholder from the unforeseen loss or damage caused to the house structure or office.

Money In Transit insurance

Provides coverage against loss of cash or currency whilst in transit as well as in your premises due to accident or misfortune

health insurance

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Property Insurance

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logo Advantages

1. Systematic Approach: A step by step process is followed, wherein client’s needs are aligned with the best financial solution. We assess client’s needs, design the plan, review the plan with client’s feedback and take the final call.

2. Customized financial solutions: “One size does not fit all” and that is why all our solutions are tailor-made to suit individual needs. We cater to different financial goals and device the best intervention.

3. A dedicated operations team: A separate professional team works exclusively on handling after sales services, right from sending timely reminders to smooth assistance once policy matures.

4. Ongoing Support: For us our work does not end once the policy is issued, in fact it begins from there. We continuously keep track of our client’s insurance portfolio and suggest upgradation as and when required. Ensuring long lasting support and genuine assistance to our clients.

5. Experienced Business Associates: When we interact with our clients, we really listen! We identify their present and future needs. Our team of business associates are trained regularly by professionals in the industry so that they can excel in their job of delighting our clients.

Unbiased Advice

Keeping customers first



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any insurance

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Our Team

what people say about us.

  • When the pandemic hit, not only did I realise the importance of good health but also that of a reliable health plan. My search led me to PWS, where a dedicated business associate not only patiently heard my queries but also worked out the most suitable health plan with me. What I liked about my experience with PWS was the detailed and accurate explanation of various health plans. This helped me zero in on the perfect plan that matched my needs.


  • To say that I am a happy customer, would be an understatement. The PWS associate put me at complete ease by completely understanding my queries and apprehensions. It was because of the timely and appropriate guidance, that became confident of choosing the right plan. Today, I am much relieved as I know that I have the support of a truly genuine team that puts people first.


  • I had been looking for a medical plan that would not only be feasible but would also fulfil the requirements that I had. A small meeting at PWS office, is all that it took for me to make the long pending decision without further delay. Right from the way the plans were explained, to highlighting future risks, the team made sure that I got what I wanted.


  • I was not always this happy and tension free! Like any other person I too would often worry about my health and the unexpected expenses that I would have to bear, in case anything went wrong. But then a friend of mine suggested that I should meet a PWS business associate. Honestly, at first I was a bit hesitant but the associate’s knowledge and skills won me over! And now I count myself as one of the satisfied members of this growing family.


  • Some decisions can change our lives and so was the case with me when I bought a health plan from PWS. From being an anxious person to becoming confident about my financial decisions, I have completed a long journey. And I feel glad that I chose PWS as my partner in my financial journey.


  • I wanted a health plan that would not only cover my concerns but what I really wanted was a smooth service, specially the after sales services. And this is exactly what I got at PWS. The Business associate who spoke to me made sure that I understood every aspect of the plan. And once the deal was locked, I was a little doubtful if my future queries will still be answered. But to my surprise, I can easily contact the associate anytime to clear all my issues. I am glad that I made the right choice


  • After I bought the health plan, I Immediately made sure that all my close friends and relatives knew about PWS. I wanted all my close ones to avail the great services offered here. And guess what, my phone has not stopped ringing ever since. I receive at least 2-3 calls per day, thanking me for the great financial advice I gave my friends!


  • To be honest, I was not sure if I really wanted a medical insurance. But sometimes others can see and predict which is not visible to us. And I am only thankful that I listened to the wise business associate at PWS and went for a plan that best suited me. The covid times were difficult for most of us but with the backup of financial policies I could be stress free.


  • So many of my friends wondered why I chose PWS, when there are so many other players in the market. And it did not take me long to make them understand. I only had to tell them about the easy and simplified process, hassle-free transactions and most importantly thorough knowledge of the associates, to convince them about my decision. Today the same people call me for financial advice and most often I happily direct them towards PWS



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Toll free number - 9 104 105 104

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